About Mys Retreat Campground

2024 Season: Open May 14 – Oct 31, 2024

Welcome to Mys Retreat, your year-round haven in the heart of Kearney, Ontario, where every season brings its magic to our family campground. Picture yourself basking in the sun on our private sandy beach, the waves serenading your summer escape. Venture to the riverbanks for some fishing serenity or lace up your hiking boots to explore our extensive trail system that weaves through the captivating pine forest.

But the adventure doesn’t end when the snow falls – Mys Retreat transforms into a winter wonderland, beckoning you to discover the thrill of ice-fishing on the frozen river, glide through snowy trails on snowmobiles, or twirl on skates beneath a crisp winter sky. Our year-round open doors invite you to embrace nature’s ever-changing tapestry.

Pack your bags and join us at Mys Retreat, where the call of adventure harmonizes with the whispering pines, creating a symphony of memories waiting to be made. Whether you seek the warmth of summer rays or the crisp embrace of winter’s chill, Mys Retreat welcomes you for an immersive camping experience like no other.

Campground Map

Site prices include up to 6 people per site and 2 licensed vehicles (including all trailer types). You may request a specific site, however site numbers are not guaranteed.

For guests who may arrive outside of our usual business hours, your reserved site information will be available via a posted envelope on the Registration Building window. The next morning, please stop by the Office again to complete the check-in process.

MysRetreat Map

Special Features

Unique Sandy Beach

Picture yourself basking in the sun on our private sandy beach, the waves serenading your summer escape.

Nightly Group Campfire

Join us for days of singing, cooking out on the campfire, games, unique arts and crafts and so much more!

Restrooms & Showers

Compact and easy to use. Place in a sunny location, allowing the warmth of the sun to warm your shower water!

Free Wireless Internet

We have 5 wifi antennas on the ground to cover camping and thus allow you to remain “connected” via our network

Bike Rentals

You are planning an epic road ride into the mountains? Campgrounds has the perfect rental bike for you


Come and enjoy traditional playground activities including kids yard, volley-ball, tennis course and shoe horse pits

Frequently Asked Questions

The nearest grocery stores are located in Huntsville, roughly 30mins drive away. Our campground store has a limited selection of snacks, groceries and supplies for your convenience.

Our regular occupancy is designed for 4 adults and 2 children per site. If desired, additional flexibility is available with the option to accommodate up to 2 extra adults per site for an additional fee.

Yes, when there is no fire ban.